Aero Centro has had its own Flight Academy, "Learn to Fly" since 1965. Here, we have trained more than 60% of the Paraguayan civilian pilots, helping them reach the sky.

Our flight academy is the only one certified as a Cessna Pilot Center in Paraguay, complying with all of the brand’s international standards. This certification allows us to be part of the world’s largest pilot training institution, ensuring a superior and safe training.

We have a unique infrastructure with the necessary means and equipment to satisfy the most demanding pilot students. The planes used during the course are Cessna Skycatchers, the latest generation in aircraft used in flight instruction. They are subject to strict controls in order to fulfill with the required aeronautical demands.

The course lasts from 4 months to a year, and is taught in both Spanish and English. The teachers are trained professionals who guide the student pilot step by step in conquering his or her dream of flying.

Classes begin the moment of registration, where the student pilot is offered two options for learning:

  • 1) The option of a master class, in which the instructor is responsible for the teaching and knowledge sources.
  • 2) The CBT (Computer Based Training) option, a world renowned interactive learning system used in King Schools and Cessna Pilot Centers, where virtual instructors go through a series of video chapters for the theoretical learning process.